welcome to the new decade and my new blog.

Happy holidays to my twitter followers, all 75 of them. I check all new subscribes and see what they tweet about, so I am pretty sure you are all real people.

I have been partially withdrawn from the net for awhile. I stopped my old attempts at a blog because I just did not have the time and money. Also, I had some people who did not like me trying to make me a non person.

Now, I have turned 65 and I have some more income. I also have had more time to study and I think I have a lot more to say now. Contrary to what some people think, I think it is a lot easier now to deal with attempts to silence you. The people who were harassing me ten years ago are now disappeared or are in a lot of trouble themselves.

So I am a senior citizen. I have bought a new computer system. I am cleaning up my web pages. I think it is time I got around to learning CSS and making some snazzier web pages. I will work on that.

The transition to senior citizendom is still a bit anxious. There is some problem getting the GIS payment going. Fortunately the provincial disability pension is still going so I am okay. I have some money saved to get through the transition, in case there are any gaps.

So I will start to be a full scale internet activist again. Unlike most, I know that I really have something to say. I will just say it, not get into debates with anyone. Debates are useless.

I think my single biggest topic next year will be Basic Income, or Universal Basic Income. I assume people reading this have a passing familiarity with the subject; money for everyone, enough to live on, no conditions.

I have been a big advocate of what is now called BI since way back in the 70s. But I am disgusted with the “official” BI movement, including Basic Income Canada Network. But I have a deeper disgust with the attitude of “The Left” toward a BI.

This always has been the problem with BI; the left refuses to engage with it. Thus the liberal and libertarian mentality is able to take control of it. Discussion is all about the “Welfare Plus” version of BI, the bastard version thought up by Milton Friedman.

A BI makes sense only as part of a socialist future. You are not going to have the real thing, the really liberating way of running a BI, and have capitalism at the same time. You are not going to have real BI under any kind of oligarchy.

This is an important point. The more clued in left philosophers are noticing that capitalism has just about collapsed but socialism is not emerging just yet. What seems to be developing is a new form of feudalism.

Actually, the Ideas of these neo-feudals have been around for a long time. These involve an end to economic progress and a depopulation of the planet. This is to insure that nothing ever emerges to challenge their hegemony.

Toward this, they have tried to take over the entire world. They have failed. Now they are trying to consolidate their control inside their own perimeter.

I will cut this off here. The upshot is there will be a lot to write about. Some people will think I am nuts but nothing I say is original and it is well grounded.

So, here come the 2020s. Happy New Year.

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