So, is everybody ready for the third world war?

Now something has happened worth writing about; US takes out Iranian brass hat as part of ongoing provocations. I should frame this in part as a belated reply to the reply I got from Caitoz when I speculated about the true motives of Trump.

She said it did not matter if Trump really supports the globalist agenda or just has no choice but to go along with it. Either way he is shit. That Trump is shit is not disputed. However, “either way” does not get us anywhere.

The idea of some Trump apologists that he is really playing “three dimensional chess” with the globalists to bring them down is not very useful either. It helps to understand what goes on under the surface of events; especially, the nature of the US elite.

Most left people are hobbled by this idea that the ruling class is some unanimous, monolithic blob. In fact, the conflicts between factions are pretty obvious. The dominant faction for awhile now have been the globalists, alias the depopulators, or the “financial capitalists”.

These are the people who make their money through making money; finance, insurance, real estate. They do not really want to run the world, just own it. These are the people who would like to abolish capitalism and go backwards/forwards to neofeudalism.

They want to reduce the world’s population. Toward this, they drive the “climate” crapola. Of course, they control most of the banks and the media in the old US of A. They own the CIA and NSA. They own the Democrat party. They see no downside to war; it just means new investment opportunities.

The industrial capitalists have been subordinated for the past few decades. Of course, they are the people who make money in the old fashioned capitalist way of exploiting labor to make things. They own the Pentagon and the Republican party. Thus, anyone who thinks the party system in the US is just a two headed sock puppet does not know what she is talking about.

The industrial capitalists see downsides to war. However, they have gone along with the dominant financial capitalists for a long time. Now they see that the globalists are serious about depopulation and realize that this will destroy the class system altogether. The ruling classes are starting to fight with each other. This is no joke; there are now places where CIA backed militias are fighting with Pentagon backed militias.

The Rockefeller interests have long had a foot in both camps. Now they are moving away from the globalists. This is decisive. The Rocker’s base is still in the oil business but they have backed the “climate” thing because it drives their competitors, especially national oil companies, out of the market. Now they have partly backed off from this.

The global financiers are now failing as the American dollar fails. They are now desperately trying to do what their predecessors had done to establish and then to preserve their power; start a world war. They see Russia and China is a threat to their dominance and an obstacle to their old dream of controlling the entire globe. The object of controlling the globe is getting rid of most of the world’s population and insuring nothing ever rises to challenge their dominance.

The American industrialists are now reinforced by the new technology industries. They do not want to run the world; they think government is just in their way. They only want to make money. They have learned how to generate their own investment, so as not to depend on the finance sector.

These industrial capitalists are the people who want to bring manufacturing back to the USA. However, they are not interested in creating jobs, they want to automate everything. However, increasing automation means they are having trouble making the profits they could in previous generations, because of the old problem of the organic ratio of labor to capital.

The financial globalists have had the attitude that manufacturing is just an adjunct to finance and could be done anywhere, so it might as well be done where labor is cheapest. However, the Chinese were not supposed to start doing their own financing, research, development, and start pushing American capital out of its own markets.

That pisses the globalists off. They would start a war with China tomorrow if they could. Frankly, the big thing limiting their actions is the Russian nuclear force. That is why they hate the Russians and are focussed on them first.

Now, how does Trump come into all this? He is a real estate guy but his sympathies are with the industrialists. He wants to avoid war and bring manufacturing home. But he is not the industrialist’s chosen one.

The problem with Trump is he is a real lone wolf who does not take direction from anyone. Also, he is a crook. So, he has been unable to build a staff around himself which can carry out his foreign policies. He has been able to carry out most of his domestic policy, to the great harm of the American working classes and the future economic success of the USA.

It is understandable why few well qualified people would want to work for Trump. The globalists have been determined to steer American foreign policy toward global domination. They are very ruthless with anyone not aligning with their program. The industrialist faction is hamstrung by its own anti government ideology and does not develop a cadre which can run foreign policy for them.

Now I get to the central fact of Trump’s handling of the US empire; he has a bullseye taped to his ass. It has undoubtedly been explained to him what happened to the last US president who crossed the CIA, and the trilateral commission and predecessors. As well, most of the people who worked for Trump and really tried to give him good advice and carry out his wishes, have ended up in various legal wrangles.

All Trump can do is carry out the deep state’s directions on foreign policy, but he does it in a passive-aggressive way. He botches it up. So does the Pentagon, most of the time, and saluting all the way. It is that simple and he is not waging any kind of deep strategic battle with the globalists.

Trump is sane enough to know that a world war will destroy the USA and likely the world. The globalists are not; they have come to think they are infallible and invincible. But they are still in power. If Trump directly challenges them he will, not may, get the trigger pulled on him. It is as simple as that.

This brings us to the present situation in Iraq. It is hard to say just what is going on here. It is significant that Trump appears agitated, like he has not been during his presidency. Even the maniacs around him give the impression they have suddenly realized they have gone too far and are trying to walk it back.

Another piece of information people need to get about the situation; the USA is no longer the military colossus the globalists imagine it to be. The Iranians can and will retaliate against this with devastating effect. They will humiliate the USA.

If an all out war starts, the Iranians will win it hands down. There will be people who want to debate this to the moon and back, on either side, but I am not going to get into it here. When the US military gets clobbered by a third level power which is fighting in its own back yard with cheap but effective counters to American weapons, they are likely to panic and start using nuclear weapons.

The Russians have stated that they will not allow that and will act to provide a nuclear shield for their ally. From there it can accelerate to an all out nuclear war. This concerns me because I am planning to go on living for a few decades yet.

People thirty years ago knew what the consequences of a nuclear war could be. Now people seem to have forgotten this. Or, they think nuclear standoff was something that happened back in the cold war. They do not realize there are still thousands of nuclear warheads on alert all over the globe.

Trump is sane enough to know that the two major nuclear powers on earth cannot get into a conflict with each other. The globalists do not get this; they are screaming for a showdown with Russia. We would have had one by now if the maniac Hillary Clinton had been elected instead of Trump.

It is very obvious to anyone following American politics via diverse and objective media that the crazy defence policies are from the globalists, not from Trump. Trump is not a great person; people who want to get themselves into public office rarely are. But it has to be recognized that he has prevented a confrontation that could end life on the planet. He needs to be respected for that and supported in it.

There is someone with a big following on the net who adopts a pose of sagacity and counsels us to frequently detach ourselves and clear the buzz and fuzz out of our heads. This would enable us to get outside the narratives by which the ruling elites control us.

However, to really get out of this narrative matrix Neds more than just being able to tell yourself a different story. This is where Caitoz’s wisdom seems to end. Story telling is really for children. Adults develop schemas, mental models of the external world which are constantly developed and refined to give a framework for thought and action.

Getting out of the pathocracy’s narrative matrix does not do much if you don’t start thinking like an adult and doing something to change the world around you. You eventually get herded into a new matrix projected by a new pathocracy.

We have been through this at least once in recent memory. In the 1960s and 70s, everybody thought they had got their heads outside the establishment’s thought control. The system would all just wither away and we did not have to do anything. We did not have to make a new system for our own needs. Eventually the pathocracy reestablished control and created a worse system than before.

Now this system is failing. Will people who reject its narratives also grow themselves some mental muscles and begin to really analyze the system, learn how it works, learn how to disestablish it, decide what to replace it with and how to actualize that? Perhaps all some people have in them is “its all shit, all we have to do is reject it, we don’t have to do anything, or make anything new”.

The biggest crisis facing the human race right now is the drive for a total war with the powers resisting the globalists control. It is more important than anything else right now. Too few people are aware of it; most are focussed on relatively minor problems, sometimes nonexistent problems.

“Either way, they’re all shit” type thinking does not get us anywhere in dealing with this crisis. Sometimes alliances and accommodations must be formed with unsavoury people in order to remove the threat to planetary survival posed by much more dangerous people.

Thus, while making clear we do not support their vile domestic policies, we need to do what we can to help Trump and the industrial capitalists, just as with the less than ideal regimes of Russia and China, to contain the deranged globalists and dissolve their power.

Now, to bring this to the present situation and a conclusion; what we really do not need right now is to pin the whole fiasco on Trump. He most probably acted on false information fed to him by the creeps around him. It is paradoxical that the blowback from it will get blamed on him directly, rather than on the globalist policy “blob”. This will strengthen said blob, the real cause of the problem, and weaken the moderating influence, Trump.

The Russians, the world’s best diplomats, get this. They know enough to not trouble Trump more than necessary, and to exert pressure on the Pentagon and through the United Nations. Also, to calm the Iranians down. Can the left wing of the American public get it that the aggressive defence policy is coming from the globalists via the democratic party, not Trump, and act accordingly?

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