A comment on a comment. The topic is; not whether to censor, but who should do the censoring, how, and why

I just added by bit to someone else’s  blog. To see what I was responding to, go visit Caitlin and friends at https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/05/03/why-you-should-oppose-the-censorship-of-david-icke-hint-its-got-nothing-to-do-with-icke/

Duh, yah! What he sezWell, maybe not exactly. Oh, dear. Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the internet, I get drawn into another one of these blog-tail discussions.

So, Caitlin has run on us another version of the “I disagree with what you say, but I fight the death for your right to say it” trope. We have to let the icky people do their thing in public or somebody might stop us from doing our thing, too.

Then along comes Sorenson and points to exactly what is wrong wth that trope; it ignores that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and true and false. An adult is supposed to have learned to tell these apart. If they have not, they should not be in any responsible position.

The big problem I notice in Liberalism is precisely the lack of capacity to distinguish right and wrong. More exactly, an inability to decide anything. So ultimately everything has to be tolerated, so there is no way to control antisocial behaviour, so antisocial behaviour gradually comes to dominate society and you have social breakdown. Liberalism is a great deal for sociopaths.

So Sorensen is right and Cait is wrong. But oops! Wait here…He is also saying that David Icke and Alex Jones are bad guys who should be censored. I have only heard a little from these two. They really aren’t to my taste. But I have no major problems with them. I have never seen any just reason to censor and deplatform them.

Alex Jones was a lot less obnoxious than a lot of more extreme paranoid libertarians. I never heard anything racist or antisemitic from him. He has been subject to such a smear campaign that it is hard to separate fact and fiction about him.

I have heard even less from David Icke. I don’t know about this ‘new age’ stuff attributed to him. He had some good stuff about the way the forces of evil use pedophiles to do their dirty work.

They do not let anyone get into a position of power unless they have something like that on them. So pedophile rings are an important part of their system for qualifying and preparing our future ‘leaders’. I have had this same information corroborated by other, more credible sources.

So the question is not, should we censor, or who should be censored. It is, who is most fit to do the censoring? Which is really saying, who is most fit to govern? That is where the real discussion starts.

That is a big enough topic for about twenty blog posts. I am not going to get started on it here. I can conclude with one comment on the idea of freedom of speech. I say the worst form of oppression is not censorship. It is uncontrolled free speech which corrodes people’s critical thinking faculties.

For discussion to be any use, grownups have to be in charge of it. Adults have to be in charge.


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