A Comment About Police, Political Parties, and “Change Movements”

I wonder how far I can contradict ole Caitoz before she gets a snit on and blocks me? These internet ideologues are so touchy.

I am responding to her blog post titled “The Democratic Party Exists To Co-Opt And Kill Authentic Change Movements”. It is found at https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/06/09/the-democratic-party-exists-to-co-opt-and-kill-authentic-change-movements/

Also, to a twitter post she did that went as follows;

“If these massive protests look suspicious to you, it’s because they don’t match your expectations. If they don’t match your expectations, it’s because you’re out of touch with the zeitgeist. If you’re out of touch with the zeitgeist, you need to revise your media viewing habits.”

To which I twittered;

“These protests look suspicious to me because they match my expectation of what a “color revolution” op looks like. I am not interested in being in touch with any “zeitgeist”. All this is because my media viewing habits are exactly right.”

Since I am about to do a blogging about the latest “black lives matter” commotion, I might as well make it a response to these utterances of Caitlin.

What never ceases to baffle me is the inability of seemingly sincere ‘left’ commentators on class war politics to notice that there is no monolithic ruling class. There are factions fighting each other as much as us proletarians. Most of the commotion we have been seeing lately, and which will accelerate through the next decade, is a war between the two main oligarchic factions within western civilization.

On one side we have the financial capitalists. These are the people who just want to own everything and charge rent and dividends for it. They talk about “yields”, not “profits”. They are in control of issuing the money.

They are responsible for the “climate” nonsense. In other words, neoMalthusianism. They think a much smaller world population would supply them with everything they need without them having to reduce their standard of living in any way. The rest of us are just using up resources they want reserved for themselves.

In the USA they control the intelligence deep state, “Wall street”, and most of the media. When the masses get restless, they favour cooptation over suppression, but will not hesitate to suppress what they cannot control.

Of course, they own the Democratic party and have spun up this tumult about police violence for their own purposes. They have been in control of American foreign policy and use proxy wars and colour revolutions to maintain global control. They want a one world government and want to obliterate Russia and China because they are in the way.

In the other corner we have the industrial capitalists. These are the people who want to run everything and make “profits”,and are generally in control of actually making, moving, and running things. They do not understand money or economics at all and believe economic expansion can go on indefinitely.

Toward that they want the largest possible human herd to exploit. They are utterly intolerant of uppity commoners and will look to suppress us. They control The Pentagon but tend to shy away from destructive warfare. Their heyday was in the postwar period. They have lost out since 1980 as the financialists regained control and moved production offshore where possible.

In recent years the industrials have been trying to make a come back. Of course, the Republican Party is their vehicle. Trump is mostly on their side, although he is a loose cannon. The “MAGA”s and other such groups are their pampered proxies in the growing conflict between the two elites. Of course local police in the USA tend to be “MAGA” type people.

The “Antifa” type of people are of course the Financialist/fake left’s proxies. It is a safe bet that the present “Black Lives Matter” eruption is brewed up by the financialists and the intelligence services as part of a campaign against Trump and the right wing industrial faction.

Black and brown people are murdered by police in the US of A every single day. Horrifying videos are constantly emerging on the net and ignored outside closed circle internet groups. That is, until the killing of George Floyd suddenly began to be played up by establishment media.

Many people have expressed disgust at the sudden rush of Democrat hacks to “take the knee” and other demonstrative nonsense. Some people are even curious as to why people in foreign countries, who are quite indifferent to their own government’s abuses, are falling all over themselves to demonstrate against treatment of a minority in another country.

The problem is that Trump is getting in the way of the globalist’s various plans. They are not going to be able to get him out of office in the next election. So they need to use their patented Color Revolution methods to force him out.

This entails using the Antifa hordes to help clear MAGA off the streets. The Globalists\Democrats also need control over local police who are mostly MAGA until now.

Some sharp eyed little internet gnomes observe that most of the police violence being reported is in areas controlled by Democrats. Of course it is! An old trick in the colour revolution playbook is to influence the targeted authorities from within to crack down brutally, thus discrediting the police and laying the grounds for their “defunding” and “reorganization” after “regime change”.

Some internet chumps squawk that police forces are actually being given more money, not “defunded”. Well, of course! They have to be retrained, regrouped, often restaffed, to serve new masters.

How will all this turn out? My crystal ball does not go that far. Two classes of despicable people are having a fight for control of a shrinking space. They will mangle the hapless peons in the space, while using them as proxies in their fight.

Nothing will change until this system falls and, hopefully, a system more beneficial to normal people is raised up. Until then the cops will continue to be what they are; the Praetorian guards of whatever clique is in control. This will be especially true in the US of A, where government is so fragmented and police are controlled by often very corrupt and ignorant local governments.

Police will be a problem in Canada, in Australia, in France, and anywhere  there is no real democracy, meaning almost everywhere. The problem is and will be, that they have a dual and conflicting role. They have to keep public order at the same time as they enforce an unjust social order.

Only a flake imagines we can do without some sort of police force in a complex urban society. That is total disregard of human nature. But if there is no longer an oligarchy, no longer an unjust order, the dual role problem of policing disappears. Good people would want to join the police and the police could be trusted.

No “change movement” is going to change the police in any fundamental way. The social/political/economic system must change. But toward that, and as a way of wrapping this up, I am amused at those who are indignant at right wing industrial capitalist types demanding; “call out the troops”.

It is not likely to happen this time around, but it is something to be wished for. Often the collapse of the regime comes when the police are insufficient and they call in The Troops. The Troops will be much more inclined to “turn their guns around” rather than shoot at civilians.

And by the way, all political parties exist to coopt and kill change movements. That is why they were invented.

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