Reply to a Belated Comment on the Assange Article.

Fish on the line! I am just starting to get the odd comment about my new blog stuff. Someone just commented negatively about something I wrote almost five months back. Considering what has been going on since, it seems like a really long time ago now.

I reread my old post, found at Yes, it could have been written a little better. If I get around to it I will refine it. All the main points remain valid and are supported by the events of the Assange affair since then. The text of the critique is short enough to quote in full;

    There are too many errors in this piece to try to correct them all, but here are a couple of the biggies: 1) Assange and Wikileaks were not “fighting globalism.” They generally avoid engagement in politics. What they are doing is publishing what goes on behind the scenes among the rich and powerful. 2) Assange is Wikileaks’ originator and remains beloved by the organization. The reason he is no longer running Wikileaks is that he no longer has the means — computer, phone, mail — to do so. And also, Julian Assange, in his Wikileaks capacity, was not a hacker.

My response to point number one; Maybe they think they are not fighting Globalism, but they may have noticed that Globalism is fighting them. If they have the idea that they are reporting what goes on behind the scenes of the powerful, and think that is not politics, that is one of the most extreme cases of political cretinism I have heard.

Political Cretinism= acting as though the world functioned according to some rules that occur only to yourself.

The second point refutes points I have not made. The exception is the bit about Assange not considering himself a hacker. This is hair splitting. The information Wikileaks obtained did not find its way from the CIA vaults to Wikileaks files all by itself. Some hacking got done somewhere; there is no leak without a hack. Should we debate the exact meaning of “hacking”?

We need hackers. The best way to destroy these bastards is to strip them naked before the world. We need to make it impossible for them to keep any secrets.

For that we need an organization that can operate as I described in the January article. Wikileaks really is not adequate to the task. Who would be able to build such an entity, I do not know. The key would be in the ability to protect and make secure all leakers and hackers, its funding source, and its operating base.

Enough said.

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