Returning to The Hunt, with some comments on forced technology

Among my earlier blog pieces, way back on the ides of March, just before the lockdown closed the theatres, was a review and commentary on the movie; “The Hunt”. I just got around to “buying” it the other day, and I will update my comments on it.

I think the social and political issues within this flick has gotten more intense in the past few months. I see some signs of it developing a cult following now that it is becoming available again. I hope so; I think it is time for people to start assimilating the underlying theme of the film. That is, that fanatics of all sides are dangerous to the real ‘normal’ people, who need to start waging their own resistance to left, right, and center factions of the oligarchy.

I think there is a revolt going on among movie watchers as well. It is getting possible to buy DVDs of new flicks again. The effort to force “Blue Ray” on people, which is a boondoggle, a waste of money, no improvement over what already was, has been turned back. I hope this is the future for G-5, as well.

Perhaps also this campaign to prevent people from having anything on their own computer, or on their bookshelf as a DVD, is being turned back. I was impatient to get a copy of The Hunt and “bought” it from Youtube. It is the first and last time I will do it that way. I can go to Youtube and see it, but I don’t know how long that will last. I have discovered no way to get it onto my own hard drive.

So now a DVD of The hunt and a couple of other flicks is on its way to me; from Amazing Amazon, of course. I have discovered that this couple of beloved motion picture masterpieces will no longer open in my latest MAC. Fuck you, Steve Jobs, er…,Tim Cook. Thanks, Jeff Bezos…? No, not really!

But I will urge people to grab a squint at “The Hunt”, by whatever means they can. It is of course now renting on Youtube. It is not clear when it will turn up on Netflix and such services, if ever.

By the way, I do not see any need for Netflix and its imitators. There is plenty to watch and record on the regular cable channels and anything good usually, and eventually, turns up here and can be recorded.

Everything to do with public communication and cultural transmission is getting increasingly chaotic and unreliable. Capitalism sucks. I expect a book I have just started reading, “Abolish Silicon Valley” by Wendy Liu, to enlighten me further on that theme.

But my own review of The Hunt is still up on my own blog. Again, if you do not want spoilers, miss the middle part of it. Find it at

As for this piece, it will also go up on my own old style blog. It will also be the first piece I try putting up on my new Tumblr account. If you want more commentary on The Hunt it can be found all over Youtube, most notably at;

To conclude, I think The Hunt is destined, despite its difficult start, to become one of the classics, and a start point for socio-political discussions, something like “Gaslight” or “The Matrix”.

P.S. I am receiving no financial gain from “The Hunt’s” producers or Wendy Liu’s publishers. Honest.

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