From Watching the Green Party Contest.

As I started writing this I had just turned off the TV from the Green party leadership virtual convention. I would rather not have to hear the grovelling concession speeches.

So the Green party establishment’s hand picked candidate won. It was close. It is questionable whether a real “green socialist” candidate would have been able to effectively move the party in a good direction.

This sounds like I am a Dmitri Lascaris, Maryam Haddad, and Amitie Kuttner supporter. Those were my own first, second, and third rankings. I am a Lascaris fan; us baldies have to stick together.

If The Greens cannot be moved in a leftward direction, there is not much point to that party. I think the public is starting to figure that out. I hope none of the above mentioned favourites of mine think that the NDP could be an alternative.

Party Down

There is a lot to say here about the realities of party politics in Canada under our single member plurality voting system and in these times of the collapse of the neoliberal order. The gist of it is that parliaments and electoral politics is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Going to a proportional representation system is not going to solve the problem; it has gotten way beyond that.

The fact is, representational democracy, whatever voting system is used, is not really democracy, it is a plan for an oligarchy. All the political parties we have in Canada are the voices of a faction of the ruling elite. The Greens have shown that they are pretty much owned by the globalizers; the people who want a world government and a reduction in the earth’s population.

The ecosocialists are a relatively new phenomenon. They have taken a run at control of the Green Party. It does not seem like they are totally controlled by elite groups. However, the candidates I ticked off all seem fairly new to politics and fairly naive about the prospects for real democracy.

The best hope for real change is that people like this will start to form networks and also start to get a better awareness of the real nature of society. They can start building a movement for a structural change in our political economy. The time is getting right for that, because the existing establishment is obviously in a terminal stage.

The Anomie of Annamie

The winner of the “contest” is a serious Globalist cadre. Paul’s resume ticks off all the boxes of someone groomed for a high position serving these people. She even worked with the International Criminal Court and with the “Climate Infrastructure partnership” which oversees the dismantling of existing infrastructure so as to destroy economic independence from the Globalist financialists. Yech!

Thus, I think that with Paul as leader, The Green Party of Canada will be travelling south from here. People generally know there is something wrong about the “climate” change narrative even while they know there is really something wrong with the environment. They know solving it will involve creating an authentic democracy and from that a new economic system which uses the natural world less wastefully.

Above all people are tired of superficially democratic processes which are rigged to put into position these carefully selected and groomed cadres. In the case of the green 2020 campaign, it was exceptionally easy to see the establishment’s thumb on the scale.

Replace, don’t Reform.

As I will keep repeating to my modest audience on the net, we are in one of these times where the old order is collapsing and there is nothing there to replace it. People do not know what they want to replace it with or how to go about creating a more truly democratic system. We do need to figure this out.

One thing has become clear, there is no path forward through the existing political system. So, let us start out on another path by going away from political parties of all kinds. After tonight I will not vote in any election under this system; including intraparty contests.

I am about to distance myself from voting reform advocates as well. Countries with Proportional voting systems have a smoother running oligarchy, but not a real democracy. I am still working out my own thinking about this, but I think it is necessary for the many good people trying to bring about a better world within this system, to start doing a fundamental rethink.

The questions should be, what would a real democracy look like? How do we get there? I am not the only voice in the wilderness who is starting to ask these questions. We need to connect and congeal.

It is time for disappointed left greenies to go away from political parties. We need fundamental changes to our system which are not going to happen through existing political parties and processes. That is what I will be talking about in future.

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